"How to be a good astrologer", "Qualities of an Astrologer", "Spiritual healing by Good astrologer" Jyotish Remedies advice by Good astrologer,Graha shanti advice by Good astrologer.

The good astrologer helps you in easing the stress of life and spiritual development. "How to be a good astrologer", "Qualities of an Astrologer", "Spiritual healing by Good astrologer" Jyotish Remedies advice by Good astrologer,Graha shanti advice by Good astrologer.
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The essence of astrology is predictions, preventing mishaps and changing the unfavorable planetary influences. The art of predictions enables an astrologer to look into future with confidence and the suggestion of astral remedies helps in preventing mishaps. Astral remedies are two pronged. Firstly, by propitiating the planets exerting unfavorable influences we can avert mishaps. Secondly, by strengthening the weak favorable planets we can produce desired or better results.

Maharishi Prasara said one who learns and teaches astrology (divine science of light) is not assigned to hell meaning thereby that the doors of heaven are opened for him/her.

The following are important and pertinent questions for an astrologer to ask himself/herself whether he/she has attained fairly good level of learning before one starts practicing or imparting knowledge of astrology:

(i) Whether one practices the divine way in life i.e. (a) Be content; (b) Increase utility to humanity; (c) Help poor and needy; (d) Be kind, generous and benevolent; and (e) Avoid deeper involvement in sensual pleasures, anger, pride, greed and envy.

When greedy one loses one's character. When angry one cannot use one's intellect/wisdom properly.

(ii) Whether one can identify the major areas of concern without the qurent seeking the consultation telling them. This helps a great in rectification of the birth charts.
(iii) Whether one can identify the planetary influences clearly indicating the cause of the consultation. Finding astrological reasons for a given and known incident is not the true test of attaining the knowledge.
(iv) Whether one can advise jyotish remedies (graha shanti measures) to bring the person out of difficulties.
(v) Whether one can help the person seeking consultation in his/her spiritual development.
(vi) Whether one has courage to face and tell the truth and simultaneously guide the person for the best possibility.

Those, who follow the divine way in life and have the above capabilities, are always able to give appropriate jyotish remedy advice.

The thought behind the development of Systems'Approach were the above questions.

One who starts practicing or imparting the knowledge of astrology without attaining the fairly good knowledge is certainly earning difficult karma for himself/herself.



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