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We are sure you do not treat astrology as fun. We want marital bliss / harmonious relationship and timely marriage. However, there are problems in marital relationship. In some cases the discords in marital relationships are momentary. We can help you by giving an insight and advice for avoiding the circumstances leading to the problems in marriage. This is done by matching the horoscopes for mental compatibilities, supplementing the planetary drawbacks in the horoscopes of intending marriage proposals and seeing whether main period and the sub-periods in operation will have any bad effect on the marital alliance. Although it is said that marriages are settled in heaven, yet there is tremendous help which can be provided by astrology in the manner mentioned in the preceding sentence and suggestion of remedial measures for weak planetary combinations as well as for the afflictions of malefic planets is made. Advance astrological advice and astral remedies for the impending circumstances provide mental strength to the natives for bearing the tensions and strains, if any.

You can order compatibility analysis / horoscope matching to see the temperament, team spirit, placement on the map of spiritual advancement, financial and family stability.

Who can afford to disturb mental peace by entering into wrong relationship?
Who will want to lose one's married partner through death or divorce?
Who would not like to have the bliss of child birth?
Who would not like to have prosperity in the marital relationship?
Who would not like to have a relationship with one's soul mate?

So, have the relationship/love life planetary analysis and compatibility analysis done to avoid separation/divorce and derive full happiness in marriage/relationship. The horoscope of the proposed match / spouse / girlfriend / boyfriend is examined to see if it poses threats of losses through family disputes, fire, severe health problems, cheating, etc. The report is about one page report consisting of or discussing the relevant astrological factors.

Not only the analysis, advice is also given for astral remedies for being successful in relationships.

Fee for checking two proposals: US$ 251 or equivalent in Indian Rupees.

To be delivered through e mail.