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Details: Part I 

Club South, South City-II,
Gurgaon, India.
23rd and 24th February, 2008.

The following Systems'Approach astrologers participated in the Conference.

1. Dr. Jonathan Miller, President, IIPA California Chapter, USA.
2. Dr. Ms Sloan Johnson, USA,
3. Mr. R. K. Chadha, President, IIPA India Chapter, New Delhi.
4. Dr. Sankara Bhagavadpada, Chennai, India.
5. Dr. Mrs. K Batra, Gurgaon, India.
6. Mr. Jo Cohen, President, IIPA France Chapter.
7. Mr. Jagdish Sethi, New Delhi, India.
8. Mr. Rakesh Shukla, New Delhi, India.
9. Mr.Nawal Kishore, New Delhi, India.
10. Mr.Gaurav Dhameja, Faridabad, India.
11. Ms.Sunita Singhal, New Delhi, India.
12. Mr.K.Rajesh Chaudhary, Vice President, IIPA India Chapter, Gurgaon.
13. Colonel B. K. Kailash, Noida, India.
14. Mr. Roop Saran, Vishakhapatnam, India.
15. Ms. Pushpa Saran, Vishakhapatnam, India.
16. Mr. S.K. Virmani, Gurgaon, India.
17. Mr. Kumar Jhuraney, Delhi, India.
18. Mr. Aman Deep Saini, Delhi,India.
19. Mr. Rajesh Hasija, Gurgaon, India
20. Mr. V K Choudhry, Gurgaon, India.

The Conference commenced on the 23rd Feb '08 at 10:00AM and came to a memorable conclusion on the 24th Feb at 5:30PM.

On the first day, the forenoon session started with inaugural address. Some new insights were brought before the participating astrologers. Such as:

(i) the transit impact of the Sun as it passes through the three malefic houses every year for various ascendants;

(ii) additional new insights pertaining to the additional strength to the extent of 25% gained by the planets by placement in the Sun like houses; and

(iii) the result of the VIH lord on various houses;

The above insights were explained with illustrative charts. This orientation and inspirations of the inaugural session continued for the rest of the conference.

After the inaugural address, Dr. Sankara Bhagavadpada gave an illuminating presentation, in two parts on: "The Light of the SA on the ethos of China, India and Iceland." In this presentation, he drew upon the well known SA sutras / principles as well as sutras used in SAMVA work, to derive the ethos of these three nations and also then made an impressive tally with the knowledge of the ethos, as is known from the independent source of their respective histories. It was an absorbing and thought-provoking presentation on the applications of the Systems Approach and inter-disciplinary in character.

In the afternoon session of the first day, several new charts were brought up for discussion by the delegates and some of them sought insights with reference to the further development of the problem and expected relief for these charts. The crucial factors were discussed with appropriate suggestions were made.

In the morning of the second day, Feb 24th, Dr. Jonathan Miller presented many cases of medical astrology, all beautifully analyzable, for the purpose of diagnosis, with the SA sutras/principles. Dr Miller is a health care professional. He explained the factors, which motivated him to study and use the present Systems Approach [SA], in both medical diagnoses as well as in suggesting a line of therapy, for the alleviation of the karmic afflictions through the Remedial Measures. In the case studies presented by Dr Miller there were several cases of cancer patients. It was a very instructive presentation in medical astrology. It brought home the fact that the Systems Approach in Astrology in the hands of concerned and committed health-care professionals and doctors, like Dr Jonathan Miller, offered a powerful tool not only for an alternative understanding of the medical diagnoses, but also for an independent line of astrological analysis, as well as for reducing the heavy karmic burden of the suffering patient, through the remedial measures of the SA.

In the afternoon of the second day, delegates brought up several charts, either for clarifications, as to what the outcome of a particular prevailing crisis [disease, marital discord, imprisonment, etc] could be, or for knowing, what special remedial measures, may help alleviate the still persisting problem.

The influence of the sixth house, sixth lord, Rahu and Rahu like planets on the significators of marital relationship was discussed to show the complexities in relationships with the help of case studies.

Mr. Jo Cohen also presented case studies and shared his experiences with the delegates. All the delegates participated enthusiastically.

Towards the end, Col B K Kailash was requested to say a few words, which he did splendidly well, also touching the hearts of the delegates with a spiritual story.

In the concluding part the aspect of astrology for the spiritual life was discussed. The spiritual progress has to be an essential goal of all astrologers. All delegates participated with openness, candor and concern for the fraternity of astrologers.

After the last session closed, all delegates were awarded the Conference participation certificates in recognition of the services rendered by them to the humanity. Thus ended the third SA International Conference on a truly inspiring and uplifting note.

Details: Part I