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Why not reduce vulnerability to diseases by using a "kavach"? Get a "kavach" for strengthening weak / afflicted birth planets. "Kavach" for spiritual advancement. Make your life better with "kavach".
"Kavach" for proper development of your child. "Kavach" for averting professional setbacks

Kavach or Amulet

Kavach Design and concept created, tested and popularised by Author & Astrologer Mr. V K Choudhry.
Kavach Design Copyright (C)1994 Mr. V K Choudhry.
Kavach is in the form of a silver pendant. For some ascending signs the size of Kavach is 4.5 cm x 1.9 cm while for some ascending signs the size of the Kavach is 3 cm x 1.9 cm approx. Kavach can also be provided in special designs for ladies and children.

Kavach also called an amulet is a protecting shield in the form of a pendant which is made of silver containing mystical numbers of functional benefics planets energized in an auspiciously elected time. Kavach carries the spiritual blessings of the provider of the Kavach and is used for improving the strength of the planets to enable them to provide protection to the natal and transit afflictions of the planets which are functional benefics in a nativity and are weak/badly placed/afflicted.

We all know that the full Moon with the entire starry host and even with all the mountains set on fire cannot fight the darkness of the night. Only the rise of the Sun can bring the night darkness to an end.

Similarly, the planetary weaknesses and afflictions can only be reduced to a large extent or even removed with the help of the propitiatory and strengthening astrological remedial measures.

Medicine treats but Jyotish remedies and Kavach prevent and the Kavach is found to be the best application.

The interpretation and the effective jyotish remedies and Kavach suggestion is based on the planetary influences in the individual horoscopes. Kavach and propitiatory remedies act as panacea in all aspects of life and in harmony with medical remedies for various types of health problems. Kavach help in diagnosis of the health problems and application of medical remedies. The blessed ones are impelled by the divine forces for making use of the ultimate knowledge through application of Jyotish Remedies / Kavach /Astrological Remedial Measures - both propitiating remedies for malefic planets and strengthening weak planets through "Kavach". "Preventive Jyotish Remedies are best."

It is certainly not a miraculous or magical object. This is part of faith healing. Though its effectiveness and the amount of help is tremendous, it is difficult to be shown in a scientific manner. The confidence of the Kavach providers is based on the feedback of the users.


Effectiveness of Kavach and other astral remedies depends on many things including the ascendant and the strength of the natal planets. If the functional malefic planets are more in the natal chart with multiple close afflictions and the functional benefic planets are weak one benefits with lot of delay. For example, the people born in the Virgo, Cancer, Pisces, Taurus and Capricorn ascendants after wearing the Kavach need lot of time for sincere and faithful performance of propitiatory remedies to get the benefits of the Kavach. Then the further factors to be seen are the strength of the sub-period and the transit influences.

Those having the exact afflictions of the most malefic planet or the functional malefic planets amongst themselves or with the functional benefic planets may not feel/realise the impact made by the Kavach or a special power Kavach though the Kavach or special power Kavach is believed to provide tremendous support to the planets under stress. For example, the exact affliction in the case of the lords of the sixth and eighth houses makes one vulnerable to paralytic attacks or chronic ailments. The application of a Kavach here is believed to reduce the vulnerability to a large extent but how much is difficult to show. Such exact afflictions are very difficult to move. So the seekers of Kavach should clearly understand that there is no way that the effectiveness of the Kavach can be shown or proved in a scientific manner. It is a matter of faith and has to be dealt with accordingly. Since all the services on our part for preparation of the Kavach are completed at the time of providing the kavach and the taxes as applicable on our services are paid, no refund of the cost of the Kavach or the special power Kavach is possible and allowed.


These Kavachs get power/energy to do good/bless not only due to the engravings being done in an auspicious time but also due to a prescribed way of life. The person with a strong natal Jupiter is in best position to energise the Kavach and while prescribing use of the Kavach, the prescriber should follow the undermentioned principles:

• Bath in the morning without any bed tea, etc.
• Prayers to Lord.
• Performance of propitiatory remedies as per one’s own chart.

• Practice the divine way in life i.e. (1) Be content; (2) Increase utility to humanity; (3) Help poor and needy; (4) Be kind, generous and benevolent; and (5) Avoid deeper involvement in sensual pleasures, anger, pride, greed and envy.

Continuous practice of the above principles helps in generating power for helping others to ward off evils in life and derive benefits indicated by the benefic planets in one’s chart.


Kavach is worn in auspiciously elected time. The auspicious time is worked out with reference to the place of stay. Gem therapy has little comparison to the benefits gained by wearing the Kavach, which also acts as a protective shield, and at a cost of only US$150 is thousands of dollars less than wearing four to six precious gemstones.

When used as a preventive therapy it is likely to help in the following matters:-
-Success in studies
-Success in professional career/business
-Develops leadership skills
-Improves memory and analytical skills
-Protects health
-Gives timely marriage
-Gives success in relationships
-Blesses with children
-Blesses with achievements and recognition in life
and so on and so forth the list is very long.

Other details required are:

1. Horoscope details - that is date, time and place of birth.

2. The details of place of stay early next month with longitudes, latitudes and summer time correction, if any.

3.The complete postal address for dispatch of amulet through registered air-mail.

The amulet can be worn in a thread or a gold chain around the neck and after one starts wearing it for the first time one should continuously wear it. There is no precaution to be taken by the wearer.

If it is mandatory to take it off the body, one can do that but should again wear it as soon as it is possible to derive the impact continuously. The thread can be changed, whenever it requires a change.

PRICE : US$ 250 or equivalent Indian Rupees.
It is dispatched through registered air mail / speed post within about a week of the order.


This can be obtained by making a payment through bank /a bank remittance in our following bank:

Indian Customers can get the Service by payment in the BANK account.