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"General Horoscopic Reading/Analysis"
"Birth Chart Reading"

General Horoscopic Analysis with planetary strength indications.

Horoscope Readings offered here indicate the planetary influences causing problems in life. The solution is offered in the form of astrology remedies advice.

Here we will provide you the analysis of the planets in the birth chart explaining which planets are weak and strong. We will explain the general characteristics of the ascending sign. We will explain the positive areas of the chart and which are the deficient areas of the chart.

Your horoscope will also be analysed for professional matters. We will analyse your horoscope for suitability of business or job. Your horoscope will be analysed to see if you are vulnerable to dreaded diseases. Horoscope is also analysed for relationships.

We will also make suggestions for making improvements. Astral remedies are suggested for maintaining vitality, success in relationships, success in professional matters, success in studies, preventing health problems, etc. etc.

We will reply your paritcular question, if any. We will indicate impact of planetary influences for the next ten years.


US$ 251 or equivalent in Indian Rupees

Indian Customers can get the Service by payment in the BANK account.

Sample Horoscope Reading