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Proceedings of the Sixth SA Intl Conf[Mar 12th, 13th , 2011], at Gurgaon, India: PART I-A:Fore-Noon Session on the First Day: Inaugural Address by Prof V K Choudhry[In the Chair]:

In his inimitable way, Professor V K Choudhry commenced the Proceedings of this Conference at 10:10am on March 12th, the first day, on that auspicious note of invoking the Divine Grace, through the chanting the Sri Ganesha Mantra: ‘Aum Sri Ganeshaya Namaha’. His inaugural address threw into full panoramic relief, the new SA theme: ‘The Dispositor’s Affliction - all aspects and consequences thereof’.

Though the number of SA astrologers were a little less than at the previous conference; if ‘the intensity of participation of the delegates’ was anything to go by, this conference was certainly more intense and vibrant in its communicative aspect, and this new character was even seen in the way Professor Choudhry himself gladly came forward to give two addresses to the delegates, on the first day, on two distinct themes. In the previous Conferences by contrast, in spite of requests from the delegates, he had not dwelt and discoursed on important themes at such length-as he did at this Conference.

Then the Professor went straight to the mails sent by overseas SA astrologers, wishing the present Conference all success and grace. He firstly read out the extraordinarily thoughtful benedictory message, sent as a SATVA mail to him and the delegates, by the two well known SA astrologers[from IIPA, France], Mr Jo Cohen [Professor had given him the name ‘Vishnu’, so I call him only Vishnuji]: & Mr Remi Panisset:

“On the occasion of the International Conference of SA Astrologers 2011, we both wish all participants a very instructive conference under the guidance and the inspiration of our dear Professor Choudhry. May such a gathering in the nice conference rooms of Club Patio trigger meaningful discussions amongst you all, and enliven your practice of SA!

“When astrologers scan the material realm of life as well as the spiritual one, they take on big responsibilities. That is why it is necessary to have some good and deep knowledge of Systems' Approach, and to make an effort to attain mental peace, light and spiritual advancement. Fortunately, Professor Choudhry regularly deepens our understanding through the inspiration of the Ramayana and the divine conduct of Lord Rama.

“We all owe him so much! God bless him and his beloved family!

“As SA astrologers, let us always remember our responsibilities, let us keep on developing respectfulness and power to really help others, and let us make our best to keep astrology duly respected!

“We sincerely wish all of you a very successful conference”.

Then he read out the following astonishingly sensitive and equally thoughtful benedictory message from Dr Shayn Smith [from the US]:

“Dear Professor Choudhry and IIPA Conference participants,

“I still fondly remember my visit to the first conference in 2006 and the knowledge gained and the lasting friendships made. As I follow the proceedings of each conference since, I am consistently amazed at the power and the amazing accuracy of Systems' Approach astrology. There is no doubt that this weekend's conference will continue to impress with insights that will improve our use of SA for us personally, our family, friends, clients, and as a Jyotish community. Please accept my best wishes for the success of the 6th annual IIPA conference in Gurgaon this weekend!

Warm regards,

[Dr Shayn Smith, USA]

He added the name of Smt Sunita Singhal, a name known to us all, who had in the same spirit, also send in a benedictory message, for the success of this Conference. She was in the US, and had explained to Prof Choudhry, her consequent inability to attend the Conference. Honestly, I was astonished to read such perfectly phrased messages, because they appeared to me like nothing short of some lofty spiritual currents, descending from some heaven above straight into their noble hearts, and gushing forth from there, as sensitivity, gratitude and affection for our beloved Professor Choudhry.

In view of the delegates, more or less knowing each other fairly well, from their regular participation over the years, he skipped the usual first part in which the delegates introduced themselves, one by one.

He said, that from the numerous mails he was receiving, it was quite clear to him that people were unable to place their finger on the astrological causes of life’s difficulties, whenever there was in the Charts people were examining; what he called, ‘ Dispositor’s Affliction’. It was this finding, which made this the focal theme for his Inaugural address. He went on to present a series of interesting and sometimes stunning Case Studies [hereafter CSs, for short], all of which served to drive home the unpleasant consequences of the ‘Dispositor’s Affliction’.

‘Dispositor’s Affliction’ CS #1:
[12/03/1969, 12:00:00Hrs, TZ= -5 Hrs, Karachi= (67ºE02?, 24ºN52?)]

This is a Gemini Asdt Chart, with the MEP at 0º 25?.In this CS #1, the Professor intended to throw light on a problem in the professional sphere. The Mo, ruling the IIH, was the only PD of the profession, and though, the good placement of this PD in the VIIH of overseas, had landed him in a number of short lived assignments in foreign lands; yet the weakness and Nodal Affliction to the Dispositor, Ju, had also side by side, weakened the PD of the profession to such an extent, that no professional assignment overseas lasted for any appreciable extent of time.[In the SA, a Planet is only as strong as its Dispositor].Moving to the two significators of the profession, the Su and Me, he pointed out again that though both were, likewise, well placed in the IXH of fortune, yet the extreme infancy and weakness of Sa, the Dispositor of these professional significators, had also the effect of making both the significators of the profession, commensurately weak- hence their inability to come in as relieving lines of grace, in the professional sphere. The Professor reiterated that the whole concept of ‘the strength of Planets’ is really the crucial thing in the SA, as it is this Strength which will decide, which way an astrological prediction will swing-whether it will be encouraging or discouraging. He said, ‘one must therefore ever be on the lookout for this kind of a hidden element-the ‘Dispositor’s Affliction’, for ‘once detected to be in operation in a Chart’, it can completely alter or reverse an SA astrological verdict for that Chart.

Two delegates were quick to make comments on this CS#1.Cmdr Ashutosh Pandey, drew our attention to a further affliction to the Mo from Ke in the D10 DC, and enquired, whether this affliction in the DC, was ‘not a candidate for the cause of weakening of the PD of the profession?’ While Sri Praveen Tyagi enquired about the health of the individual?

Regarding the first of these observations, the Professor held that, ‘The Dispositor’s Affliction was the crucial cause for the weakening of the PD of the profession, and that this cause was moreover present in the Rasi Chart itself, and therefore would have a bigger say, than the affliction from Ke in the Dasamsa DC’. Professor replied to the second Q that: ‘Here it was the profession, which was being looked into, and though there could be health problems, that was not under our astrological scrutiny in the present problem, as the individual sought no guidance in that sphere of life’.

CS #2:[8th Feb, 2011, 23:24Hrs, (72ºE49?, 18ºN58?), Libra Asdt, MEP=4º 02?]

This is the next CS, the Professor took up-it was the Chart obviously of a new born, who was reported to be born prematurely, and was in a hospital for the first few days after birth. In the SA, everyone knows that the IIIH governs mental and physical growth. Here, as the Professor pointed out, the IIIH Lord Ju was badly and weakly placed in the Malefic VIH, with this weakness further accentuated by the close affliction of the Nodes to the MTH of the IIIH Lord. As the Asdt Lord was placed in the IIIH, the Asdt Lord Ve, which is the PD for health, also gets correspondingly weakened.

It was also mentioned that the SA remedial measures of the Kavach & Propitiatory Charities, were forthwith recommended, and this brought forth the fruit of normal development, after the above setback. Very significantly, replying to a question from the delegates [I forget who actually had asked this Q, it could have been Cmdr Ashutosh Pandey or Sri Rakesh Sharma, or even Sri Rajesh Hasija, for the Q seemed to have come from that general direction], the Professor, emphasized the importance of the remedial measures, even for very small infants, who are less than a year old, and pointed out that as even colors of clothes have an impact in such afflicted Charts, the adherence to the recommended auspicious colors, always brings more Grace into life. He cited the case of one child, whose parents ignored the suggested recommendations for colors of clothing, and this had resulted in the tragic death of that child, when it was only two & a half years old.

CS #3: [30th Oct, 1978, 8:15AM, Ahmadabad (72ºE37?,23ºN02?), TZ= -5:30 Hrs, INT, Scorpio Asdt, MEP= 2º 11?].

In this CS, the Professor drew our attention to the two sources of affliction to the Asdt House, an exact affliction from Ke, from the VH, and a further close affliction, from the FM Ma, through a Conj. Likewise, the VIIH of the spouse also suffered from two afflictions, a close affliction from the FM Ma, and an exact affliction from Ra. In the SA, as Ju is the PD of the spouse, the weakness of its Dispositor, the Mo, was an equally serious cause for this delay, the Prof pointed out. The lady bemoaned to the Professor, her difficulty in securing a life partner, even at this rather late stage, and she seemed to have problems also in the profession. Ju and the Su are the two PDs of the profession in the SA, for as Scorpio Asdt Chart. Ju’s benefic aspect to the Asdt was seen to be weak, because of the weakness of the successive Dispositors, the Mo and Me. In fact, the MTH of Me suffered from a Nodal affliction, thereby weakening Me further.

CS #4:[26th Sept, 1956, 14:05Hrs, TZ=-5:30Hrs, INT, India(75ºE49?, 30ºN14?)]

This is a Sagittarius Asdt Chart with the MEP at 21º06?.In this CS, he focused attention on the weakness of Ma (in spite of its good placement in the IIIH), because of the utter weakness of its afflicted Dispositor Sa. Sa is seen to be in the grip of an exact affliction from the Nodes, with this weakness further accentuated by its bad placement in the XIIH of losses and the Nodes being Deb.

I had made a request to Sri Rajesh Chaudhary, at the very commencement of Professor’s inaugural address - to make available to me well in advance, all the pertinent Charts, on which the Prof was going to throw light on, for I was having the singular disadvantage of being able to quickly read a Chart, only when it is cast in the South Indian Format. As Sri Rajeshji readily complied with my request, I now have the pleasure of ‘letting you have a peep into the archival notes of the Professor’, made by himself, in his JT Chart. His notes are perfectly self explanatory [reproduced here almost in a verbatim fashion], as you will see for yourself, the moment, you are able to see the JT Chart:

“Had been working on Customs clearance. There is no work in that area now. Initiated export work - went to UK, had taken a debt, incurred expenses, cheated by a partner. Son died in 2008. Daughter remained ill for about 5 years due to blood infection who is now studying in 11th standard. Difficult to organize even the payment of education fees for the daughter.

“Natal Su, Me and Sa under close affliction from Ra/Ke. Sub period of Ra operating from 12H indicates expenses and cheating. Dispositor of 5L badly placed and afflicted caused tragedy for progenic matters.”

There were additional interesting comments made by him, such as, firstly, that Ma’s placement in the IIIH of initiatives, made him devise new plans on a daily basis [possibly a SA Sutra].Secondly, it was also stressed by the Professor that in such cases [when the IIIH Lord and Me are afflicted], correct astrological guidance would be to clearly discourage the individual from plunging into business ventures. Rather, on the contrary, to encourage such individuals, only to seek refuge in a steady job. In this way, the Professor pointed out, the burden of debts, may be avoided [SA Sutra].To my Q, as to whether Ju’s close benefic impact on the Asdt and Ma, from the House of fortune, will not at all serve to protect Ma, and the Asdt; the Professor stressed again that the Dispositors’ affliction [Su is the Dispositor of Ju and Sa that of Ma] was so serious, that the blessing of Ju is too weak to give relief. To a further Q from Sri Praveen Tyagi as to whether even marriage will come under , the onslaught of this ‘Dispositor’s Affliction’, he replied pointedly that all spheres suffer[see Ve’s Dispositor afflicted through its bad placement, etc], and that the individual did not even have enough money to pay the school fees of his daughter.

CS#5: [15th Aug, 1982, 11:19AM, (77ºE13?, 28ºN39?), TZ=INT]

This is a Libra Asdt Chart, with the IIIH Lord Ju impacting beneficially exactly on the Asdt MEP, thus impelling the individual into some ‘Venusian communication vocation’ and with the professional Lord, the Mo, placed in the IXH of distant lands & fortune, and, significantly, in the 3rd Sign Gemini. Professor, throwing light on this Chart, said, this individual had acted in the movies, and had a close association with a prominent politician, cum actor’s son. He drew our attention to the close affliction from Ke to Me, the Lord of the XIIH and Dispositor of Sa. This ‘Dispositor’s Affliction’, the Professor said, resulted in a profound weakness of the VH Lord Sa, which signified higher education in distant lands[XIIH].So, the individual came under a pattern of failure in his higher educational ventures. Professor also stressed that such an affliction to the XIIH Lord invariably results in the individual suffering in distant lands [SA Sutra].

CS #6: [18th Mar, 1972, 4:04AM, TZ=-5:30Hrs, INT, (78ºE00’, 27ºN09?)]

In this CS, it was mentioned by the Professor that there was actually no ‘Dispositor’s Affliction’ as such, but only an extreme weakness of the Dispositor, Ma. Mo and Ve were placed in the MTH of Ma, and Mo was the PD of the spouse, and Ve, the GS [General Significator] of marital happiness. Professor Choudhry maintained that, though the Dasa of the Mo had its full run, and the lady had reached 39 yrs of age, marriage had never fructified-only because both Mo and Ve were having a weakness, proportional to the weakness of their Dispositor, Ma. At this juncture, he gave an additional valuable principle: When the IVH is weak or afflicted, Marriage gets inordinately delayed [SA Sutra].

When a delegate [I forget the name] raised the Q of the affliction from Ju, being the cause of marital delay; the Professor pointed out that Ju’s affliction was only to the extent of 20%, whereas the main reason was indeed the absolute weakness of the Dispositor of the Mo, the PD of the spouse. Sri Rakesh Shukla had also raised the Q, whether an affliction to the MTH of the Dispositor, would also tantamount to an affliction to the Dispositor? To this, Professor’s reply was in the affirmative.

CS#7: [20th Oct, 1962, 6:44AM, TZ=-5:30Hrs, INT, (72ºE50?, 18ºN58?), Libra Asdt Chart, MEP=4º18?]

It was mentioned by the Professor that, “At 48 yrs of age, this individual was so lost as to raise the Q - what should I do? He had no money, he had no proper job either. However, because of the reasonable strength of the Asdt Lord Ve, and the XIIH Lord, Me, he used to get jobs for short periods”. He attributed this recurrent pattern of professional stagnation to the weakness of the Mo, which for the Libra Asdt, is the only PD of the profession.

CS#8:[20th Nov, 1979, 22:20 Hrs, TZ=-5:30Hrs, INT,(72ºE49?, 18ºN58?), Cancer Asdt Chart, with MEP at 5º58?.]

The Professor pointed out, this was a CS, in which the individual on account of stressful marital relationship had actually moved out to the home of her parents. As the whole Q of the marriage lasting, now revolved round the strength of Sa, a delegate, raised the Q, whether Sa, had enough strength to make this marriage endure? To this the answer of the Professor was very definitive: “Sa, is weak, because of its ‘Dispositor’s Affliction’, which it inflicts upon its Dispositor, Me. Sa, also afflicts closely the Su, which is the Dispositor of Ju, and Ju is also weak, and afflicted.” It was stressed by him subsequently that, when the VIH Lord is weak and afflicted in any Chart, there are immediately three consequences – (i) weak financial position, (ii) weak health, and (iii) weak relationship [SA Sutra].Astonished upon hearing the third consequence mentioned by the Professor [as the same was new to me in the SA], I enquired as to wherefrom, this consequence of ‘weak relationship’ arises? So, he phrased the A, in this even more astonishing way: “If the VIH Lord is strong, you are a winner in relationship, whereas, when the same is weak, one becomes a loser in relationship.”This is obviously, a new [SA Sutra].

Sri Deepak Kapoor, enquired, as to why, in spite of as many as four FB Planets in the VH, they had failed to give her creative intelligence to cope with this marital crisis? To this, the A of the Professor was that, these FBs were all weak; two of them were utterly weak because of the affliction by the MMP, Sa. When I raised the Q of whether the individual could be ‘too fixed in her ways’, on account of so many Planets being placed in Fixed Signs{4 in Scorpio, 3 in Leo and 1 in Aquarius}, the Professor said, “If she was really so fixed in her mental makeup, then she would not have come forward psychologically, to return to her husband’s home, so this is not the cause. Rather, the weakness of Ju, arising from the ‘Dispositor’s Affliction’, and the similar ‘Dispositor’s Affliction’ of Sa, was the real cause of her marital crisis.”

With this CS, Professor Choudhry brought his Inaugural address to a close, and the delegates adjourned for the morning Tea Break.

End of Part I-A of the Proceedings. At 11:45AM, the delegates came back to their seats, ready for the Professor’s second talk, which revolved round the themes of ‘Debts, Loans, & Related Professional Difficulties’.